Grade 5 people had camp for three days, it was fun! The best part of camp was

the pirate cave, we went inside the cave and saw chinese words that says “91st

year, 4th of July. The worst part of camp is that there is a lot of insects, and we

need to go back to school. At camp, there was a race called the “Great Race”,

it is a race where you go to diffrent places and find answers to answer the

questions on the sheet of paper while you are racing to see who has the better

time! My team got 2nd place! This is my favourite camp in three years!

Facebook Info.

Facebook was lanched on February 4, 2004. There is 100 languages including Pirate on Facebook. 25,000 volunteers helped translate Facebook into Turkish! There is also a lot of diffrent games on Facebokk. I do not kind of like Facebook because I do not know what is so good about it and I do not want to go on it every day and check things in the account.

The Easter Holiday

In the Easter, I hardly did anything. All I did was play games on my laptop! I now beat the game”Plant V.S. ┬áZombie” twice! I also went to Wuhan,China and Guangzhou, China. It was fun!Plants Vs Zombies Mini Game Dr Zomboss' Revenge

Baking cookies!

Today, me and my class baked cookies with our buddies. It was fun! Tommorow we will eat the cookies we made, I wish we could eat it now already because it smells so good.I wish we could do this again in the year,but this time we didn’t coperate so we need to during the next time!