End of the year!

This is finally the end of the year of school! I liked this school year but I love summer much more, since shcool sucks. The only good thing bout school is that there is a lot oc freinds at school that I play with. During the start of the year, alot of grade 5,6’s played the card game Yu-Gi-Oh!. But since now it is banned from school, we play Bayblade. This year, the thing I will miss is that our teacher, Dardevil 6(5dstudent6), and Dardevil 18(5dstudent18)is leaving from this school(Hong Kong) to another place.

Shark Water preview

Today we watched a movie preview, the movie is called ‘Shark Water’! The movie was about sharks getting extinct, because we eat a chinese food called ‘Sharks fin soup’ . Those fishermans just catch a shark a cut of the sharks fin so that they could sell sharks fin soup. The ovie was very good, at the end, the main character save the last few sharks.